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Pet Grooming in Mansfield, OH

Make your pet the best-looking animal on the block when you order our extensive pet grooming in Mansfield, OH. At Mohican Kennels, we provide a large assortment of grooming options for pets of any shape and size. Picture how soft and shiny your animal's fur will look when it receives a thorough washing and drying from our trained staff. In addition to making your pets look good, our services also get bothersome hair out of their eyes and keep your animals from shedding all over your house. Invest in a service that benefits both you and your pets by hiring our licensed pet grooming company.

Sleek & Radiant Fur with Our Pet Grooming Services

Keep your animal looking cuddly and adorable all year long when you order our refreshing pet grooming services. We bathe and clean both dogs and cats, and our team members always treat your pets with the utmost care. Minimize your creature's anxiety and discomfort during pet grooming by letting our trained professionals put our expertise to use.

Indulging Your Animal at Our Pet Grooming Company

Dogs and cats love to run around outside and play, but all of this outdoor exercise gets their fur dirty and smelly. Even indoor pets need a good cleaning every now and then. Restore your pets to a cleaner and happier condition by coming to our pet grooming company for help. We provide many types of grooming for style and health, including:

Pet Bathing | Pet Nail Clipping | Pet Hair Trimming | Skunk Smell Removal

Pet Grooming Mansfield OH

Detailed Pet Bathing to Give Your Animal a Fresh, Clean Feeling

Contribute to your pet's overall wellbeing when you order our gentle pet bathing service. If your dog or cat comes in with any type of abnormality or skin condition, our team will use extra care and apply specialized shampoo and conditioner if necessary. We also inspect your pet for any signs of cuts or wounds that may have formed and gotten overlooked. Make your pet look and feel as good as new when you bring it to us for in-depth pet grooming services.

Putting the Right Paw Forward with Our Quick Pet Nail Clipping

Make your pets safer companions for your children by letting us clip back their claws. To show our appreciation to our valued customers, we offer a walk-in toenail trim service for only $5.00. Bring in your precious dog or cat for a pet nail clipping today. Your pets are sure to appreciate being able to walk around more comfortably without their toenails feeling too long.

Contact us to freshen up your animal's appearance with our detailed pet grooming. We are proud to serve pet owners in Mansfield, Lexington, Ontario, Bellville, Shelby, Ohio and surrounding areas.

$5 Walk-in Toenail Trims

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