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Cat Grooming in Mansfield, OH

Keep your furry feline comfortable and content when you order our all-inclusive cat grooming service for style and health. Cats with long fur tend to cough up more hairballs and get their hair tangled and matted. Help your pet avoid these bothersome fur problems when you come to Mohican Kennels for cost-effective cat grooming in Mansfield, OH.

Thorough Cat Grooming Services from Our Experienced Team

You have no need to worry when you bring your pet in for our professional cat grooming services. All of our groomers are well-trained, and our company has been successfully serving pet owners since 1986. Whether your cat's fur is looking a little worse for wear or its nails have gotten too long, we can help. We also provide boarding services for cats. Our cat grooming includes hair trimming, cat bathing, and cat nail clipping.

Freshen up Your Cat with Our Cleansing Cat Bathing

Give your pet the ultimate pampering treatment when you schedule our refreshing cat bathing. Our gentle work is designed to bring out the best in your cat. As we brush and wash your pet, the body's natural oils distribute through your cat's fur and make the coat look healthy and shiny.

You are sure to notice a difference the next time you pet your precious animal. The thorough brushing we provide also helps you to cut down on your cat's constant shedding. Keep your home looking neat, tidy, and free of cat hair by bringing your pet to us for beneficial cat grooming services.

Cat Grooming Mansfield OH

Schedule Our Cat Grooming Service for a Routine Cleaning

Pay attention to your cat's needs to determine how often a cat grooming service is required. Some cats require grooming more frequently than others. The factors that decide how often your cat should be groomed include the length of your pet's fur, how well your pet grooms itself, and how much your pet sheds. Speak to one of our courteous and knowledgeable pet experts if you need help figuring out how often your pet requires a cat grooming service.

Leave Cat Nail Clipping to Our Well-Trained Professionals

Do not trust just anyone with clipping your cat's nails. There is a vein in the lower part of each claw, and it can be painful for your pet if the nail is trimmed too short. Put our experience to work for you by hiring us for your pet's much-needed cat nail clipping. We use specialized tools and careful attention to detail to ensure that your cat's nails are cut down to the accurate length.

Contact us to keep your cat's fur silky and smooth with our meticulous cat grooming. We are proud to serve pet owners in Mansfield, Lexington, Ontario, Bellville, Shelby, Ohio and surrounding areas.

$5 Walk-in Toenail Trims

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