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Cat Boarding in Mansfield, OH 

Treat your furry friends like the cherished pets that they are by giving them a temperature controlled, safe place to stay when you go out of town. Mohican Kennels features a welcoming environment and friendly staff, so you rest assured that your animals are well taken care of. Our cat boarding company also takes in dogs and certain small animals, but the cats are kept separate in their own private areas. Put your mind at ease about the care of your cat by ordering our certified cat boarding in Mansfield, OH.

Clean Pet Lodging with Our First-Rate Cat Boarding Kennels

Let your pet stay in our comfortable cat boarding condos. Pets are used to daily attention and human contact. When they are left alone for long periods of time, they are more likely to damage furniture and make messes due to loneliness and boredom. Avoid a mess in your home and give your cat loving affection when you cannot be there by ordering our personalized cat boarding service.

Required Cat Vaccinations:

  • Rabies

A Trusted Cat Boarding Company You Can Rely on

Does your cat require individual treatment and medication that you need taken care of while you are gone? Perhaps you just want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your cat is being cared for by a professional.

No matter why you choose to board your pet, you can trust that our cat boarding company will treat your pet well and provide all of the necessary services that you require. We have more than 32 years of experience caring for pets, and our skilled cat boarding team is here to ensure a pleasant visit for your animal.

Cat Boarding Mansfield OH

Comprehensive Cat Boarding Service for Your Pet’s Needs

Keeping pets at home while you go on vacation is always difficult. Feel better about leaving your four-legged companion by bringing your cat to us for our cat boarding service. Your cat may miss you while you are away, but we provide plenty of attention and care to keep your pet occupied. Book a spot for your pet in our safe and expansive cat boarding condos today.

Contact us to keep your cat free from harm when you leave for the weekend by ordering our cat boarding. We are proud to serve pet owners in Mansfield, Lexington, Ontario, Bellville, Shelby, Ohio and surrounding areas.

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